IV Bag Inspection

Reliable, cost-efficient inspection of infusion bags

The Solution for Cost-Efficient, Safe Inspection of Infusion Bags 

Quality inspection of infusion bags presents challenges. It must meet strict requirements to guarantee product and patient safety. At the same time, unnecessary scrap must be avoided.

VITRONIC offers you a cost-efficient yet precise solution. Automation reduces costs compared with a manual 100% inspection and pays for itself within a short space of time. The inspection is reliable and objective, and is stably reproducible over long periods. Defects are detected at an early stage.

AVI boosts profitability and reduces false rejects
Cost-Efficient Production

Best Inspection Results with Low False Rejects Rates

In infusion bag production, the goal is to detect defects safety while minimizing false rejects. This can only be achieved in a cost-efficient manner by optimizing inspection processes and automated visual inspection (AVI). The perfectly adjusted systems from VITRONIC achieve the lowest possible false reject rates.

VITRONIC systems are reliable and stable to ensure that your filling processes run smoothly.

  • 100% inspection, max. cycle time
Improve patient safety with high-precision inspection of infusion bags
Product Safety

Machines Are Objective and Tireless!

Patient safety is just as essential to your company as profitability. Your infusion bags need to be flawless. There can be no particles in the product and no defects in the bag or at the ports and seams. In addition, there must be no errors in the printing on the bag.

100% defect detection with AVI optimizes product safety, thereby contributing to maximum patient safety.

Our recipe for success—outstanding expertise and consulting

Consulting Based on Equal Partnership

VITRONIC ensures an excellent analysis of your starting point and your requirements. The next step is to agree on your inspection package. We take a partnership approach and develop the solution in collaboration with you. Your process efficiency increases, because you can rely on project experience and technical expertise, combined with a keen awareness of costs.

You also benefit from a system design with perfectly coordinated hardware and software components, capable of fulfilling the most complex inspection tasks.


GAMP Package—Play It Safe

Our solutions are GMP-compliant and can be validated in accordance with GAMP guidelines.

The integrated audit trail and user management fully comply with the requirements of CFR 21 Part 11. You can rely on having full regulatory documentation to hand during external audits by authorities (such as the FDA). The GAMP package also enables simple, swift completion of the qualification process.

Quality Inspection of Infusion Bags to Detect Particles and Bag Defects


The VINSPEC HEALTHCARE system can be seamlessly integrated into production lines, enabling automated visual inspection at each process step. The solution uses perfectly coordinated hardware and software, plus an adapted inspection design.

The inspection range covers quality inspection to detect particles, defects on bags, ports, and seams and printing errors, as well as code verification.

The inspection solution is constructed on a modular basis in line with your requirements. Individual modules can be adjusted to perfectly meet the need of your complex inspection tasks.

How can we help you?

100% Inspection of Infusion Bags with VITRONIC
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A Win-Win Situation—Safety for Patients, Cost-Efficiency for You

In Brief

  • High efficiency
  • Fewer false rejects
  • Outstanding patient safety
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Modular approach

For Taking Away and Passing On

Brochure VINSPEC HEALTHCARE—Inline Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Inspection
Brochure VINSPEC HEALTHCARE—Inspection of Infusion Bags
Brochure VINSPEC HEALTHCARE—Automated Print Inspection of Multi-Chamber Bags

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