Transdermal Patch Inspection

Reliable and Efficient Inspection of Transdermal Patches

The Solution for Cost-Efficient, Reliable Inspection of Transdermal Patches 

As a manufacturer of transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS), you face the challenge of making your production processes as cost-efficient and streamlined as possible. At the same time, you are fully committed to ensuring a 100% inspection and outstanding quality.

VINSPEC HEALTHCARE from VITRONIC inspects quality efficiently at the predefined speed of your process, inline, and with a minimal false rejects rate. 100% patient safety is the top priority.

Excellent Inspection Results with Automated Visual Inspection

Best Inspection Results with Low False Rejects Rates

Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) allows you to achieve outstanding inspection results while minimizing false rejects. The high-speed inline inspection ensures efficiency and profitability.

But that’s not all. You can also evaluate the inspection data and use the statistics for trend analysis. Defect accumulation is detected as early as possible, and serves as an indicator for process optimization.

  • 100% inspection, max. cycle time

Numerous Inspection Options

A modular approach offers many inspection options

100% error detection for optimal patient safety

Automated Visual Inspection Improves Patient Safety

There is one correlation that perfectly illustrates the benefits in terms of patient safety. 100% defect detection optimizes product safety, thereby contributing to maximum patient safety.

Your product must be flawless when delivered—with no cosmetic defects in the backing foil and the precise quantity of the active ingredient perfectly positioned. AVI is your tool of choice to cover these requirements. It also inspects the printing on the seal-rimmed pouch and verifies all codes.


Qualification Package – Play It Safe

Our inspection solutions are developed according to the GAMP® principles.

The qualification package enables a significantly simplified and accelerated implementation of the qualification process. Upon request, you can rely on having a qualification documentation according to regulations facing external audits by the authorities (e.g., FDA). Thereby, the integrated audit trail and the user administration fully comply with 21 CFR Part 11.

Efficient TTS Patch Inspection with Modern Technology


You can integrate the VINSPEC HEALTHCARE AVI system for TTS seamlessly into your production line thanks to its modular design. The solution uses perfectly coordinated hardware and software, plus an adapted inspection design. Using innovative parameters, the software is perfectly configured for the relevant inspection task. This optimizes inspection performance.

In Brief

Inline inspection of transdermal therapeutic systems with VITRONIC
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VINSPEC HEALTHCARE for TTS Perfectly Combines Cost-Efficiency and Product Safety

In Brief

  • High efficiency
  • Fewer false rejects
  • Outstanding patient safety
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Modular approach

For Taking Away and Passing On

Brochure VINSPEC HEALTHCARE—Inline Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Inspection
Brochure VINSPEC HEALTHCARE—for Transdermal Therapeutic Systems

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