Average Speed Control

Point to point speed enforcement

The Solution That Makes Entire Road Sections Safe

Conventional speed enforcement solutions are ideal for accident hotspots. Point to point speed enforcement solutions, on the other hand, measure average speeds on sections of road. This results in more consistent speeds and makes dangerous sections much safer. Sudden braking and speeding up are also avoided at the inspection points, resulting in a significant drop in speed.

Superior Measurement for Average Speed Control

POLISCAN Seco detects vehicles as they enter and exit a section of road.

The system calculates the average speed at which the vehicle is traveling over the distance that is being monitored.

Times are synchronized reliably using GPS or an external time server. The benefits are clear, particularly when average speed control is combined with variable speed limit signs, as the system can be configured flexibly based on changing speed limits.

  • from 500m length

The Measuring System Makes the Difference

You only need a single measuring system to monitor several vehicles and lanes, up to two directions of travel, and approaching and receding traffic simultaneously. The precise assignment of an offense to a vehicle is guaranteed, even when vehicles are traveling in parallel or passing one another or when traffic is heavy.

Average speed control in tunnels

Section Control for All Application Scenarios

POLISCAN Seco can be used in fixed, semi-fixed, and mobile applications. It can monitor adherence to speed limits specific to lanes and vehicle classes.

With section control systems, you ensure comprehensive speed calming. They enable more efficient monitoring of tunnels, inclines, highways, and construction sites in particular. This applies to both simple road sections and intersections. Unauthorized use of road sections and unsafe passing can also be monitored and number plates read automatically.

As section control is vehicle-based, it can also be combined with toll applications. The systems can be operated from bridges or from the roadside. With roadside operation, fixed-checkpoint speed enforcement is also possible at entry and exit points.

Clean Documentation with POLISCAN Seco

Clean Documentation for Legally Compliant Results

With POLISCAN Seco, you benefit from optional front and rear documentation. You also have the option of capturing driver images as additional proof.

The vehicle's number is clearly documented so that offenses can be clearly assigned. All data relating to the offense is made available in encrypted data format for further processing.

Guaranteed Compliance, Excellent Data Protection

Legal compliance and data protection are important aspects of speed enforcement.

VITRONIC systems create tamper-proof digital incident data that is legally incontestable. You are also safeguarded by the fact that all measurements are recorded by metrologically approved systems. Data protection and data security are guaranteed by the latest encryption tools and selective transmission.

In brief

Average speed enforcement with a column
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POLISCAN Seco for Efficient Section Speed Enforcement

In brief

  • Precise measurement
  • Flexible applications
  • Reliable documentation
  • Legal compliance guaranteed

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