Red Light Enforcement

Detect Red Light Offenses Without In-Road Sensors

POLISCAN Redlight enables contact-free operation without any expensive road-embedded equipment. The technology does not require induction loops or Piezo sensors and enables precise, contact-free measurement. The red light enforcement solution can be combined with monitoring of multiple other offenses, for example speed enforcement.

Precise stationary red light enforcement

Contact-Free Precision

Traffic light intersections and junctions are accident hotspots. But POLISCAN Redlight and contact-free measuring technology simplify the task of making these hotspots safer.

There's no need for maintenance-intensive in-road equipment. The measuring system detects the position of approaching vehicles in multiple lanes simultaneously and tracks them up to the stop line and beyond. This allows it to capture red light violations in evidential images as the stop line is crossed and in the intersection's danger zone.

A legally compliant system that's easy to use.

  • ≤ 3traffic light circuits
  • ≤ 4lanes

Safe in All Directions

VITRONIC's red light enforcement system can be embedded in its innovative City Design Housing. Based on rotatable individual segments, it allows you to monitor two travel directions from one location. Front and rear measurement of approaching and receding traffic is also possible. The pillar segments can be set up to move freely of each other, so that even intersections with acute or obtuse angles can be monitored.

Customized Red Light Enforcement

Leverage the maximum potential of the solution by customizing it to meet your requirements. You can choose between a lidar or a video-based red light enforcement system.

The lidar-based system can be combined with speed enforcement, whereas the video-based system is a cost-effective alternative. Detection here is only possible for receding traffic. Both options can be installed with either electrical or optical traffic light

Speed and red light enforcement in a single system

An All-in-One System

Intersections are accident hotspots because vehicles often speed up to avoid a red light.
Combined red light and speed enforcement is useful in this case.

POLISCAN Redlight offers both applications in a single measuring system. With perfectly coordinated technology from a single source, you can cleanly capture combined violations. These are documented reliably in an encrypted case file for back-office processing.

Speed and red light enforcement is your winning combination to make intersections safer.

More options, more safety

Depending on the requirements of the local jurisdiction, you can integrate video as additional evidence, as well as monitoring of pedestrian crossings, turning infringements, and yellow-box zones. You also benefit from optional automatic number plate recognition.

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VITRONIC Redlight—Legally Compliant and Efficient

In brief

  • Contact-free
  • No in-road equipment
  • Multi-directional enforcement
  • Multiple lanes simultaneously
  • Combined red light and speed enforcement

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Our mission is to prevent accidents and protect all road users.
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