ENFORCEMENT TRAILER – The Future of Enforcement

Targeted traffic monitoring ensures that roads become safer – in the spirit of  Vision Zero.
With the ENFORCEMENT TRAILER, VITRONIC enables automatic speed controls at locations where this was previously not possible due to a lack of infrastructure or the endangerment of measurement personnel. The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER can be easily transported to any location, is quickly operational and measures autonomously over several days.

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  • Semi-stationary Speed Enforcement - Flexible and Autonomous

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    Greater Safety in Critical Sites

    The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER is ideal for use in areas where mobile speed enforcement units are unable to operate due to space and infrastructure constraints which pose a risk to enforcement operators. Examples of such places include construction zones and within road bends which maintain poor visibility of oncoming traffic.

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    Adaptable Monitoring of Rural Blackspots

    Rural roads and national motorways often lack the necessary infrastructure to accommodate permanent speed systems. Moreover, mobile speed monitoring is only possible for a limited amount of time. In contrast, the ENFORCEMENT TRAILER provides versatility and a longer-term road safety solution.

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    Dense Traffic Reliability

    The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER is a dependable solution for monitoring all types of areas. As a result of the system's compact design, flexibility and ease-of-handling, the trailer is ideal for overseeing inner-city traffic movements.

    Enforcement Trailer in Darmstadt

The Future of Enforcement

Easy to transport
Convenient positioning due to its separate drive
Conducts on-site measurements without the need for personnel
Uses certified POLISCAN measurement technology
Wireless data transmission and status monitoring
Flexible Application
Simple battery replacement during the measurement process
Continuous functionality for up to 10 days
Effective vandalism protection
Rent and leasing potential
  • Independent Operation

    The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER offers a zero-demands solution which is not reliant on local infrastructure. It has its own power supply based on high-performance batteries, running continuously and autonomously for up to ten days. The batteries can be replaced easily on-site during operation.

  • Rapid Deployment

    The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER can be transported by almost any tow-bar-equipped vehicle. It has its own remote controlled drive unit for effortless positioning and 'turn on the spot' maneuvering. It overcomes obstacles and gradients autonomously.

  • POLISCAN Measurement Technology

    The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER uses certified POLISCAN measuring technology. It simultaneously records the speed of all vehicles travelling across multiple lanes. Compliance with variable speed limits, bans on through-traffic specific to certain times, traffic lanes and vehicle classes are also able to be monitored. An optionally integrated modem allows secure and wireless transfers of captured case data and enables status monitoring of the measuring system.

  • Optimal Vandalism Protection

    Several design measures were taken to provide optimum protection against vandalism. During operation, the trailer can be lowered to the floor preventing access to the wheels and underside. This action secures it from unauthorised removal. Additionally, a sealed bulletproof cover and an optional alarm system shield the system from property damage.


2,980 mm x 1,520 mm x 1,870 mm (L x W x H)
1,120 kg / 1,300 kg
up to 80 km/h

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