Industrial and Logistics Automation


Our state-of-the-art machine vision systems smooth the way for high-performance automation and ensure a seamless and efficient flow of goods. The latest technologies help to optimize processes, significantly reduce costs and increase output.

We are working with our customers to optimize quality and profitability in the field of industrial production. Our machine vision systems see and measure two and three dimensionally, inspect quality, monitor production processes and enable automated handling. We supply machine vision systems to the broadest range of customers – from automotive manufacturers through solar cell producers to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our customers in the material flow, parcel logistics and mail order sectors seek to optimize their logistics processes by automatically recording product, parcel and customer-related data. This includes not only the identification of addresses, barcodes, 2D codes and customer-specific codes but also online volume measurements and shipment weighing. This information helps our customers to optimize internal sorting, storage and distribution activities.

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VINSPEC healthcare is a machine vision solution for medical inspection

VINSPEC HEALTHCARE is a machine vision solution for medical inspection. Tasks such as auto-ID, vial inspection, contour and dimensional inspections, quality inspections, assembly inspection and 3D-robot vision are solved with according to customer requirements.

Logistics Complete Solution

Camera-based auto-id system VIPAC DWS

VIPAC DWS end-to-end solutions enable the efficient and reliable capture of shipment data and ensure greater transparency along the entire supply chain.

VITUS 3D Body Scanner

3D body scanner VITUS bodyscan

The VITUS 3D body scanner captures anthropometric data accurately and measures the spine and the entire human body automatically approximately within 10 seconds and completely free of radiation.