Inspection of Transdermal Patches (TTS)

Optical Inspection Solution Ensures the Highest Level of Quality in Production of Transdermal Patches

Transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS), also known as transdermal patches or active ingredient patches, are adhered to the skin to administer a specific drug over a longer period of time. The active ingredient is released into the underlying tissue and blood vessels. Patients usually respond well to this form of drug delivery because the active ingredient is released directly into the vascular system. Transdermal patches are used in a variety of applications, most commonly to alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms or motion sickness.

Inspection of Transdermal Patches (TTS) with VINSPEC HEALTHCARE

In principle, all transdermal patches consist of a backing layer, an active ingredient layer, and a release liner. The backing layer protects the active ingredient and is often imprinted with information. The side that adheres to the skin has a release liner. The active ingredient is embedded between these two layers as either a reservoir or a matrix. Because they are used in so many different applications, transdermal patches can differ in size, shape, active ingredient, and packaging. A comprehensive quality inspection must address all of these criteria and ensure quality during all stages of production.

Integrated inspection solution for fast and reliable defect detection

The VINSPEC HEALTHCARE TTS inspection system offers the highest level of quality control during both manufacturing and packaging, and can be seamlessly integrated in these two processes. Thanks to the inline inspection of each TTS, possible defects and contaminations are detected in each process step right away, and potential quality defects are detected immediately and can be corrected quickly. This offers a significant advantage over manual end-of-line inspections, which performs only random inspections or detects if the outward appearance deviates from the norm.

At the beginning of the production process, the system inspects continuous materials, such as the backing layer, for contamination or defects. Then it inspects the quantity and location of the applied active ingredient and looks for contaminations. Finally, it inspects the joining of the different layers and the separation of the individual patches, as well as the position, punch quality, or sealed seam of the patch.

The system performs inspections not only during production, but also during packaging, which includes inspection of the imprint on the surface of the pouch and the sealed seam around the perimeter of the patch packaging.

In its standard model, the VINSPEC system for TTS covers the following inspection tasks in continuous or cyclic production:

Inspection tasks in continuous or cyclic production of Transdermal Patches
  • Inspection of backing layer including laminate, adhesive coating, and fleece disk
  • Active ingredient, including inspection of presence, position, dimension and contaminations
  • TTS, inspection of position of patch on release liner, contour, position and quality of imprint, as well as contaminations (OCV)
  • Pouch surface, inspection of position and quality of imprint (OCR, OCV, and barcode)  

Customer-specific enhancements to include additional inspections are always possible.

The TTS solution is based on the same building blocks as all VINSPEC HEALTHCARE solutions. Features such as an audit trail, results database, and analysis functions are combined to create an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

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