VIPAC SMALLS SORT End-to-End Solution

VIPAC SMALLS SORT End-to-End Solution for Small Shipments

A steady increase in package volume, growing customer requirements and the challenges presented by Logistics 4.0 – the CEP sector has a lot to tackle. This is particularly true for the in-house sorting processes used by logistics centers.

VIPAC SMALLS SORT is an intelligent, modular sorting system that combines data capture with the sorting of small packages in a versatile end-to-end solution.



VIPAC SMALLS SORT can be integrated throughout the entire logistics chain, as a stand-alone solution in small hubs or in large distribution centers as part of the sorting process. The system is extremely flexible, with individual mobile stations that move on rollers within the hub. Alternately, the system can be transported during the peak season to other locations and easily integrated there thanks to its compact design.


From infeed to outfeed

VIPAC SMALLS SORT is a fully-automatic sorting solution for large envelopes, small shipments and packages that captures all shipment data. Each shipment passes through four sections and is automatically discharged from the system at the desired point.


The shipments are placed manually on the first section of the conveyor system from either side of the conveyor belt. The system then separates the shipments automatically, accurately capturing data.


In the encoding section, VITRONIC Auto-ID systems capture all shipment data such as codes and characters (OCR), as well as dimensions and weight. Together with high-resolution images, each shipment is given a “digital fingerprint”.


The captured shipments are then automatically sent along a conveyor belt for sorting, which is done by diverters. The outfeed section has one diverter that sorts the shipments in three directions (left, right and straight ahead).


The last section consists of three sorting modules. The shipments are sorted into bins or cages, depending on the sorting logic used. The sorting logic can be customized. If more sort destinations are needed, additional sorting sections can be commissioned one after the other.

Intelligent software

Special software controls all processes. The VIPAC SORT MANAGEMENT CONTROL software controls the package flow for the VIPAC SMALLS SORT system, collects all shipment data and transfers it automatically to the customer's interface. The sorting logic can be customized as required. The VIPAC SORT VISION software concisely displays data for the operator in real time and works together with VIPAC ARCHIVE to save data to the archiving system for easy track & trace.

Process optimization for Logistics 4.0

VIPAC SMALLS SORT offers increased efficiency through digitization and automation throughout the entire logistics chain. The system handles data capture and sorting for small shipments automatically and ensures seamless, efficient sorting. Data is captured automatically, providing useful information that can be used to accelerate processes involved in Logistics 4.0 and reduce costs.

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  • Modular and mobile system

  • Fully automatic sorting of large envelopes, small shipments and packages

  • High degree of process control

  • Extremely user-friendly

  • End-to-end data capture (DWS)

  • Track & trace for shipments

  • Real-time visualization of the package flow and archiving of package data

  • Shipment dimensions: from 150 x 100 x 1 mm to 700 x 500 x 500 mm

  • Weight: up to 20 kg

  • Conveyor speed: up to 1.1 m/s

  • Conveyor volume: up to 3,500 shipments/hour