POLISCAN SECO – Average Speed Enforcement Made Easy

VITRONIC's POLISCAN SECO determines the average travel speed on road sections of variable length. This so-called section control captures all vehicles both when entering and when exiting the road section. LIDAR-controlled automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) provides identification at both points. The proven laser technology offers best-possible detection rates, even when vehicles travel in parallel or with little safety distance. LIDAR-based vehicle localization also means that the entry and exit points of the road section are clearly identified.

Using the measured travel time and the distance between the two points, POLISCAN SECO reliably calculates the average speed (point-to-point). GPS is used to sync the times between the individual checkpoints of a section. The system also supports other time-syncing methods. If the measured speed exceeds the legal limit, POLISCAN SECO sends a complete record to the incident processing center.

Flexible Deployment

Like all systems based on the VITRONIC vehicle identification platform, POLISCAN SECO offers flexible configuration based on the specific needs: Speeding violations can be documented only by number plate, by driver picture, or even by video. The modular design enables vehicle identification based on the front or rear license plate and deployment in various road scenarios, such as tunnels, overpasses, or work zones. For that purpose, the compact components can be fitted to a wide range of mounts – not only masts and cantilever arms, but even roadside housings for fixed speed enforcement. All functional components are Plug&Play. As a result, POLISCAN SECO offers rapid deployment and flexible use at different locations.

Maximum Data Security

A secure VPN connection is used to transfer the measurement data to the central server in a specially developed, secure data format. POLISCAN SECO stores only data from identified violations. All other measurements are deleted immediately. All data of the detected road users are encrypted using proprietary technology. This ensures maximum data integrity and security.

POLISCAN SECO is not available every country.

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  • LIDAR-controlled automatic number plate recognition enables high detection rates
  • GPS technology means accurate readings
  • Supports documentation of number plate, driver picture, or video
  • Plug&Play for quick and flexible installation
  • Maximum data security

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