Laser-Based Fixed Speed Enforcement

POLISCAN SPEED is an innovative system for fixed speed enforcement using laser technology (LIDAR). This VITRONIC technology measures the speed of all vehicles within the capture zone – without the need for road-embedded equipment such as loops or piezo sensors. Time-consuming and costly road work and road closures become obsolete.

Stylish and Functional: The City Design Housing

The POLISCAN SPEED speed enforcement system is embedded in a specially designed City Design Housing, providing optimum support for the LIDAR measuring technology. The sleek pillar is based on rotatable individual segments and allows monitoring of inbound and outbound traffic at the same time. The City Design Housing has room for up to two measurement and documentation units including flashes. As a result, POLISCAN SPEED enables traffic monitoring in two travel directions from a single location. Speed enforcement is possible from the median or the shoulder.

Photographic Evidence with Optimum Driver Identification

Every POLISCAN SPEED system is equipped with two high-resolution digital cameras with different focal lengths. In combination with the continuous localization feature of the LIDAR technology, POLISCAN SPEED delivers lane-based focused photographic evidence with optimum number plate and driver identification for every violation, even in heavy traffic or during lane changes. The system automatically places a frame around the number plate, which helps clearly match the speeding violation. POLISCAN SPEED is available with cameras for color or black-and-white pictures.

Digital Incident Data

POLISCAN SPEED collects the photographic evidence together with all the other incident data such as measured speed, time, and location in a digital incident documentation. On-site encryption as well as a proprietary file format offer protection from manipulation and unauthorized access. Case data can either be downloaded locally or transferred via network. POLISCAN SPEED offers flexible support for integration with downstream backoffice incident processing systems. If a network connection is available, the system can also be monitored remotely.

Combination with Red Light Enforcement

POLISCAN SPEED can also be combined with VITRONIC red light enforcement. POLISCAN RED+SPEED combines all the benefits of VITRONIC stationary speed enforcement with advanced red light enforcement.

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  • Laser-based speed enforcement without road-embedded equipment (no loops or piezo sensors required)
  • Flexible housing enables monitoring in one or two driving directions
  • Installation on median or shoulder
  • Dual cameras for optimum-focus photographic evidence
  • Clear matching of violations in photographic evidence
  • Color or black-and-white pictures
  • Encrypted digital incident documentation
  • Remote access for incident data transfer and system monitoring
  • Connection to all backoffice systems
  • Automatic monitoring of calibration validity
  • Can be added to complement red light enforcement

Operation mode Fully automatic; unattended measurement Fully automatic
Operational range 10 m – 75 m
33 ft – 246 ft
10 m – 75 m
33 ft – 246 ft
Speed measuring range 10 km/h – 300 km/h*
6 mph – 186 mph
10 km/h – 300 km/h*
6 mph – 186 mph
Lane coverage up to 4 lanes (front, driver image)
up to 5 lanes (rear, number plate)
up to 3 lanes (front, driver image)/direction
up to 4 lanes (rear, number plate)/direction
Sensor systems:
Camera Standard system:
2 high-resolution cameras, b/w or color, 2 x 4 megapixels)
Standard system:
2 high-resolution cameras (b/w or color, 2 x 4 megapixels)
Special system:
2 high-resolution cameras (color,
2 x 8 megapixels)
Special system:
2 high-resolution cameras (color,
2 x 8 megapixels)
Illumination White/red light flash (650 nm)
Infra-red flash (> 800 nm)
White/red light flash (650 nm)
Infra-red flash (> 800 nm)
Measuring unit LIDAR sensor, eye-safe LIDAR sensor eye-safe
Digital photo of the vehicle with the driver (front operation only) and the license plate, 1 high resolution image per lane/case, max. 8MB per case Digital photo of the vehicle with the driver (front operation only) and the license plate, 1 high resolution photo per lane/case, max. 8MB per case
Electrical data:
Operating voltage 12 VDC 12 VDC / 230VAC
Power consumption Max. 50 W Max. 50 W / system
Mechanical data:
Configuration Vehicle or tripod mounted,
optional Roadside Housing
Installed on a concrete foundation
Dimensions Measuring unit: 380 mm x 300 mm x 280 mm/15‘‘ x 12‘‘ x 11‘‘ (l x w x h)
Flash: 360 mm x 250 mm x 230 mm/14‘‘ x 10‘‘ x 9‘‘ (l x w x h)
IR flash: 358mm x 218mm x 228mm/14‘‘ x 9‘‘ x 9‘‘ (l x w x h)
Total height: 2490 mm – 3090 mm/74.4‘‘ – 121.6‘‘
Diameter: 420 mm/ 16.5‘‘
Protection class IP65 IP65
Weight Measurement device: 17.5 kg/39 lbs.
Flash: 10.5 kg/23 lbs.
IR flash: 7 kg/16 lbs.
Measurement unit: 13 kg /29 lbs.
Flash: 4.45 kg/9.81 lbs.
IR flash: 7 kg/16 lbs.
Aluminium pillar: 170 kg/375 lbs.
*if not country-specific regulated differently *if not country-specific regulated differently



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