Automotive Talk 2 - Key Visual

VITRONIC Automotive Talk #2

Optimize your welding line – let’s talk about:

  • Seamless documentation of weld seam inspection results
  • Process optimization through statistical analysis
  • Detecting deviations by linking inspection data with weld process data

Optimized welding lines through simplified rework

To ensure safety in automotive manufacturing, weld seam inspection is essential. If defective seams occur, the knowledge gained from automated inspection can be used to rework them in a targeted and resource-saving manner. One step further is the use of linked data that can identify the cause and effect of weld defects even faster. How?

Learn more about how weld seam inspection can help optimizing welding lines at our VITRONIC Automotive Talk #2.


Wednesday, September 21, 2022
14:00–14:05 Welcome to the Talk
14:00–14:30 Presentation with Q&A

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VITRONIC Automotive Talk #2 – Optimized welding lines through simplified rework is starting soon.

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