In our large development departments and the production in Wiesbaden, we develop machine vision systems with a a strong engineering team and develop solutions for industrial automation, logistics and traffic technology.

Industrial Automation

For customers in the field of industrial automation, we optimize the quality and profitability of industrial production. We deliver to customers such as automobile manufacturers, automotive industry, solar cell producers, wafer producers and module producers, as well as the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Logistics Automation

Intralogistic customers from the field of material flow, logistics and mail order package strive to optimize logistical processes. The basis for this is to capture, product, package and customer-related data automatically with high-performance camera systems.

Traffic Technology

In the field of traffic engineering VITRONIC products monitor vehicles in flowing traffic. Toll operators use this to automate toll collection and control. In the field of "tracking speed enforcement systems" POLISCAN SPEED is world market leader and contributes to greater road safety in many countries.

3D Body Scanner

The VITUS 3D body scanner captures anthropometric data accurately and measures the spine and the entire human body automatically within 6-12 seconds and completely free of radiation.



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