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VITRONIC at CeMAT Shanghai, October 31 – November 3, 2017, Hall 1, Booth C6-2

Managing the eCommerce boom with efficient Auto ID solutions

Wiesbaden, August 31, 2017 - This year, VITRONIC will be attending CeMAT 2017 in Shanghai. VITRONIC will be displaying its DWS system and attendees will have the opportunity to try out the VICAM SNAP! which allows rapid manual handling and sorting to capture and process various codes for parcel processing.

In 2016, China’s National Bureau of Statistics released a report showing that Chinese online shopping was facing an historical boom. Already the largest e-commerce economy and exporting country in the world, the Chinese e-commerce market growth is predicted to expand even further over the next few years. Such growth is certain to affect the efficiencies and complexities of distribution, logistics centers and for parcel service providers.

DWS Systems for automated data capture

To help manage increases in freight volume and the growing demand for faster delivery, VITRONIC has developed an integrated complete solution for quickly and efficiently capturing packages. The automated DWS (Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning) system is designed to shorten the throughput times while simultaneously capturing relevant data for sortation.

The DWS system automatically reads barcodes and 2D codes on up to six package sides while simultaneously determining the package volume and weight with maximum precision. The data is transmitted to a sorter control system or a higher-level host system. When stored in a transparent and continually traceable database this enables full process control and automatic invoicing.

High Throughput Manual Sorting

Parcel distributors can double the efficiency of their manual handling and sorting stations with VITRONIC’s Auto-ID system, VICAM SNAP! Using a high-performance matrix camera, the VICAM SNAP! can automatically capture barcodes and 2D codes in a fraction of a second. The SNAP! system sits above the workstation and uses activated compartment lights to show operators where the parcels should be sorted into with its economical sort-to-light function. Addi-tionally, an integrated speaker enables the use of a sort-by-voice function for parcel assorting. Manual triggering is no longer necessary as codes are read automatically. Operators can capture goods quickly and easily with the VICAM SNAP! system, vastly increasing their throughput rate.

The VICAM SNAP! captures barcodes, 2D codes and characters regardless of their position, orientation and direction. The system has an additional data ar-chiving function that enables seamless tracing of the shipments. What's more, damaged and partially covered codes can be reliably read by the system.

Software – Optimize processes with data analysis and reliable monitoring

VITRONIC software solutions are tailored to meet the complex requirements of digitally connected supply chains and offer a variety of options to utilize the captured shipment data. All information can be archived both locally and centrally with web browser accessibility at any time. Detailed evaluations, regardless of location, form the foundation of targeted process optimization. "The information recorded in real time ensures greater transparency throughout the entire value chain - an important component of Logistics 4.0," explains Wei jiang Huang, Sales Logistics Automation, VITRONIC Machine Vision (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. "As a result, processes can be optimized, networked, and analyzed."

Visit us at CeMAT Asia in Shanghai:
31 October – 3 November 2017,
Hall 1, Booth C6-2

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