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VITRONIC develops gantry-less free-flow tolling

New sideways optical identification and classification technology with easy-to-install service-friendly design housing

Wiesbaden, 22 February 2017 – German tolling and machine vision specialist VITRONIC has developed a technology for free-flow toll collection and enforcement that does not rely on gantry infrastructure. In contrast to traditional overhead sensors, the new system uses an optical identification and classification method installed at the side of the road. For this, VITRONIC delivers a special variant of its iconic CITY DESIGN HOUSING. It contains the complete sensor array and processing technology including vehicle-to-infrastructure communication based on EETS compatible DSRC or on RFID in an easy-to-install and easy-to-service vandalism-proof housing.

“With the new system, toll operators can simply procure the desired identification and classification functionality that best fits their tolling scheme rather than worry about technology integration”, says Matthias Prick, Head of Tolling Sales at VITRONIC. “At the same time the system lowers the capital expenditure associated with gantries as well as the operating costs thanks to many features that facilitate service and maintenance.” The new development complements VITRONIC’s gantry-based tolling portfolio with a solution especially suited for toll roads with fewer lanes. “This portfolio extension gives operators the choice between the system types that is most economic for them”, says Matthias Prick.

High-resolution optical classification

The new method, patent pending, delivers high-resolution images for front and rear ANPR and the classification of vehicles based on size, type and axle count. The camera-based technology also allows the automatic reading of additional vehicle markings like hazardous goods stickers or labels on trucks and trailers. All sensor data is automatically analyzed at the site and compiled into complete passage reports that can be verified against existing tolling accounts or processed for billing. For this, the new system is compatible with VITRONIC’s TOLLCHECKER 4 enforcement back office software.

Compact, service-friendly design housing

For easy installment and service, the new system is integrated in VITRONIC’s CITY DESIGN HOUSING. The housing comes preconfig-ured and can be quickly set-up at the road-side with minimal ground-work. Additional features include an electronic two-way locking system, video surveillance vandalism protection and a 4G-ready wireless connection.

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