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Gulf Traffic 2018 - VITRONIC aims at the future

Wiesbaden / Dubai - This year, Vitronic's appearance at Gulf Traffic in Dubai will be dominated by future-oriented topics. The company is placing its well-known solutions from the field of speed measurement in a completely new context. These include, for example, issues relating to Smart City and concepts for internal security. At booth Z1.A30, Vitronic will show guests how infrastructure for speed monitoring is used in the areas of "Smart Mobility" and "Smart Environment". The systems can not only measure excessive speed, define vehicle classes, detect red light violations, implement transit bans and ensure the correct use of lanes. With their help, additional information can also be collected with regard to the design of traffic flows. This allows vehicles to be diverted directly in the event of traffic jams before they enter them. This is about the connection to other traffic control systems, which communicate traffic jam developments and provide alternative routes, for example.

Vitronic will also be presenting its Enforcement Bar at the trade fair, which supports police authorities in mobile recording and evaluation of license plates (ANPR). This is a fully automatic license plate reading system for installation on emergency vehicles. Integrated into a police warning system of the latest generation, it detects passing and parking vehicles even at high speeds and reads out their license plates. Depending on the deployment scenario, registration and license plate reading can take place both from a standstill and at full speed. As an option, the system can be equipped with additional video surveillance.

Of course, the established mobile, semi-stationary and stationary systems for speed measurement will also be shown. These include the recently introduced Compact City Housing, which for the first time enables Poliscan measurement technology to be operated on a mast at heights of up to three metres.